Microcontrollers to drive and control anything around you.
    • Deliver an universal controlling system that integrates and auto-recognizes all kind of devices. 
    • Devices should be auto-configuring and self-documenting.
    • Control should be possible via browser and through the internet.
    • Devices can be simple or complex but always are able to communicate.
    • A device becomes an objeect as in object-oriented development. It contains properties that can be set and get, and also contains methods for execution. 
    • Event generation to be defined.

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Me Message interface for XDR stream Java December 30, 2010  
Me USB interface from Java January 1, 2011  
Me Message interface for JSON  October 7, 2013  
Me Create UART to Wifi MQTT Gateway October 18, 2013  
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  • Bericht zonder titel
    Posted Jan 15, 2011, 11:46 AM by Lieven Merckx
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