Test-Taking Strategies

A list of tools and tips to assist students in becoming better test-takers

Before the Test:

Get plenty of sleep the previous night!

Eat a good breakfast!

Get to school early the day of the test.

Use the restroom before the beginning of the test.

Get comfortable and situated in your seat and try to relax.  Take deep breaths to calm yourself if you feel nervous.

During the Test/Tips on answering multiple choice questions:

Read directions carefully!

Read the question before you look at the answer.

Answer the easiest questions first and then go back to the difficult ones. 

Circle key words in difficult questions.

Express difficult questions in your own words. 

Look for the central idea of each question. What is the main point?

Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers, this way the choices given on the test won't throw you off or trick you.

Eliminate answers you know aren't right.

Read all the choices before choosing your answer.

If there is no guessing penalty, always take an educated guess and select an answer.

Don't keep on changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right one, unless you miss-read the question.

In "All of the above" and "None of the above" choices, if you are certain one of the statements is true don't choose "None of the above" or one of the statements are false don't choose "All of the above".

In a question with an "All of the above" choice, if you see that at least two correct statements, then "All of the above" is probably the answer.

A positive choice is more likely to be true than a negative one.

If there is an "All of the above" option and you know that at least two of the choices are correct select the "All of the above" choice

Mark an answer for every question.