Maple Creek is located in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 

Maple Creek is undergoing an Integrated Watershed Management Plan, see the Reports page for more information

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Maple Creek, runs through the traditional territory of the Kwikwetlem first nation

They frequently help us out,in trying to make the entire watershed more viable for the numerous species of wildlife, that call Maple Creek, Home.

  we are still waiting for Port Coquitlam to agree to the Maple Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan, apparently Coquitlam is okay with it,
 but Port Coquitlam spent their environment budget for 2013
 on celebrating the City's 100-year anniversary.
Very short sighted !
MCS and some council members

On the Left we have some MCS members receiving
Coquitlam's 2013 adult group award for the Environment,
 from Mayor Richard Stewart,
 with a few City Councillors in the background
2008 Port Coquitlam Environmental Award winner

Connie Boulos, vice-chair of the Maple Creek Streamkeepers, has contributed thousands of hours helping the creek through education, advocacy and hands-on work. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and goes out in all kinds of weather to do whatever is necessary to help Maple Creek, from gathering information about fish to cleaning up garbage to removing invasive plants. She’s also a born teacher, and dedicates time to educating youth and the public about the importance of salmon to the ecosystem, and the role everyone can play in protecting the environment. Other nominees included Cliff Kelsey, Vance Reach and Linda Saunders.

Way to go Connie !




World Rivers Day is on the last Sunday in September of every year

United Nations Water For Life Decade Web Site

A speech given way back in 1996, no one was listening.

We are a stewardship group dedicated to encouraging all community members to protect, rehabilitate and restore the natural environment and the natural services it provides to us all.
We work toward changing the values and behavior of ourselves and others in order to achieve meaningful and effective environmental stewardship.
We work with and support fellow stewardship groups in reaching our common goals.

The group was started by Stella Carrière, Susan Cote, and Douglas"Doug" Bennie and others in the early 1990's. Primarily by Stella, a biologist, who having moved into the area noticed the stream was very degraded, and in poor condition.


Continue our landowner contact program to link watershed residents and business with the natural environment.
Work toward increasing the participation of local residents in stream restoration.
Increase the biodiversity and species richness of the Maple Creek watershed by replanting native species and rehabilitating the riparian areas.
Re-establish natural water flow regimes.
Improve water quality through the identification and reduction of point and non-point pollution.
Participate in the development and implementation of a Watershed Plan that is inclusive of values beyond integrated storm-water management.
Return the creek to its original creek bed where possible.
Improve fish access to ensure the survival of Pacific salmon in the wild.


Salmo cementii, this concrete sculpture is at the foot of
 Bedford Street, in Port Coquitlam.
 Streamkeepers training and activities.

Many of the members are also involved in the Coquitlam River Watershed Strategy

Monitoring and assessment of fish stocks and habitat.
Instream habitat enhancement.
Riparian rehabilitation.
Community and public education.
Watershed stewardship and advocacy.



Dave with a large hooked bar, used to dislodge Beaver dams
You know who you are!


 Chum Salmon dissection, at the Hyde Creek Salmon festival Chum Salmon surgery 


 Planting trees and shrubs We put fish traps in to see who calls the stream home.

Clean up the garbage
 Sometimes we transfer Salmon carcasses, 
further upstream, to provide nutrients.


Eric, takes a break from removing invasive plant species
City of Coquitlam crew, inspecting the Ozada headwall, diversion
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To report environmental incidences, in Coquitlam: 604-927-3500
Port Coquitlam Operations Centre 604-927-5480 or 604-927-5488 
After-hours Emergency 604-543-6700

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