Upcoming Meets

We are always looking for members bold enough to lead a meet, to go where you have never been before and explore new corners of this beautiful country, or to just lead a stroll down a familiar path. We have a diverse age distribution amongst our members and therefore we try to vary the grading of our meets. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding hikes or climbs you would like to see on the meets lists, then please contact our Meet’s Convenor.

NB: For further information on any proposed meet please contact the leader directly, their name and contact number is provided on each meet. Please try to book at least 3 days prior to the event as some of the areas may require access permits, and leaders do like to plan ahead.

Meets Convenors

David Wright
email: dlwright@live.co.za


Ian Thompson
email: ianthompson001@hotmail.com


1 Easy stroll | 2 Moderate | 3 Strenuous exercise | 4 Only for the very fit
A No exposure to heights | B Mild exposure to heights | C Moderate exposure to heights | D Very exposed to heights


We require each member of a hiking group to sign an indemnity form that can be viewed and downloaded (for the meet leader) at the bottom of the page.


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