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Mods: Balkon's Weaponmod, Quiverbow, Atum, Twilight Forest, LotsOfMobs, Survivalwings, Metallurgy

There are those who prefer a life on the move to settling down anywhere. Nomads, vagabonds, call them what you will. Anywhere they roam - Where they lay their head is home. This faction has knowledge of worlds other faction members have only dreamed about.

(Please note - All worlds are available to all factions, but if a Wanderer catches you in one of their worlds, you're probably going to get killed and looted.)

-Wanderers can loot any player they kill in one of their own worlds and USE anything they've collected. It is advised that you keep screenshots of loot piles as proof.
-Wanderers cannot build homes. They can only dig them out of the environment and the homes cannot have doors or anything else which will block the entrance. These are known as "Wanderer Burrows"

What this faction can do that others can't:
Loot other players and USE the loot
Use ridiculously cool weapons
Fly without any power requirement, they need only worry about durability

What this faction struggles with:
A lot of death
High difficulty level
Not the greatest at making friends


"Wrong neighborhood" - Kill an unsuspecting non-wanderer player on Wanderer territory and take their stuff: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Gold Katana)
"Nomad, Vagabond" - Open a portal to ice world, dino world, atum, twilight forest, and nether all in one room: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Map)
"Toy room" - Have tool racks with at least 5 quiverbow weapons in them: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Advanced rocket launcher)
"Master of twilight" - Defeat all of the Twilight Forest Bosses: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Naga scale)
"Disrupting the sands" - Defeat all of the Atum Bosses: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Scarab)
"Meet Fido" - Tame a dinosaur and bring it back to the wanderer world: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Flint/Fossil)
"Boom, baby" - Have a blunderbuss, stack of blunderbuss shots, musket, stack of musket shots, stack of Dynamite: 5 diamonds (Medallion: TNT)
"Extended flight" - Have feather wings, obsidian wings, and fast wings (Medallion: Fast Wings)
"The Terminator" - Have one of every available quiverbow weapon in tool racks in your burrow: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Skeleton Head)
"Warmonger" - Have one of every diamond-tier Balkon's weapon in tool racks in your burrow: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Diamond Warhammer)
"I shall wander" - All Achievements Unlocked: Creative mode for 24 hours, ability to transfer to another faction and also keep your stuff (Medallion: Viking Helmet)

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT "Are you not entertained?" - Defeat every other player in the arena: Permission to create a more practical home (Medallion: Wooden Door)