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Mods: Applied Energistics, Industrialcraft, Computercraft, Advanced Genetics, Archimedes Ships, Enhanced Portals

Masters of all things related to advanced technology, the members of this faction tend to trade for very little. They feel as if they are above the rest of the less-advanced world. Their storage abilities are unparalleled, as is their work in the fields of electrical, genetic, aeronautic, and quantum sciences.

What this faction can do that others can't:
Incredible storage efficiency
Masters of travel
Scientifically advanced augmentation of equipment and players

What this faction struggles with:
High ore requirements with poor ability for automated mining
Poor food production capabilities


"Now with more jiggabytes" - have at least 4k of ME Storage Capacity: 5 diamonds (Medallion: 4k Storage Cell)
"Feel the Power" - Have a fully charged chainsaw,electric wrench, and diamond drill: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Chainsaw)
"Who needs fuel?" - Have a 20x20 solar array: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Solar Panel)
"Red Wings over Baron" - Have an airship that is at least 35 blocks without counting air balloons: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Air Balloon)
"Where's Moby Dick?" - Have a water-based ship that is at least 35 blocks and fires arrows port and starboard: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Fishing Pole)
"I'm a cow now, I guess" - Splice cow DNA with your own: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Steak)
"Sssss... BOOM!" - Kill another player by exploding like a creeper: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Gunpowder)
"Space and Time" - Have at least 10 private portals: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Portal Frame)
"Won't you be my neighbor" - Have Nuclear Power: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Uranium)
"World's Worst Hoarder" - Reach the end game stages of AE2: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Quantum Link Chamber)
"Up and atom" - Reach the end game stages of IC2: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Quantumsuit Helmet)
"DNA? More like B-O-S-S" - Use every possible DNA augment: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Syringe)
"This is totally necessary" - Your entire house (40x40 or greater and everything in it) flies: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Ship's Helm)
"Where I wanna" - Have a private portal to every world: 15 diamonds (Medallion: Location Card)
"Quick Rewrite it" - All Achievements Unlocked: Creative mode for 24 hours, ability to transfer to another faction and also keep your stuff (Medallion: Fluix Crystal)

(I'm gonna have to dabble with computercraft in order to figure out what its achievements should be.)

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT: "No, I really did it." - Kill 15 aquatic creatures with your ship's "Harpoon guns" WITH PROOF: Permission to use the cave world