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Mods: Thermal expansion, thermal foundation, thermal dynamics, thermal smeltery, tinkerer's construct, expanded redstone, railcraft, Steve's carts, Harvestcraft

Masters of all things related to the industry, the Industrial Faction are masters of towering structures, expansive mining projects, and more metal than anyone could ever imagine. It is rumored that members of the Industrial Faction slowly become dwarves...

What this faction can do that others can't:
Incredible mining efficiency
Masters of armament

What this faction struggles with:
Food production
Early storage
Death by environment


"Too deep and too greedily" - Have an *established* home with a floor below 8 world height: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Bedrock)
"For our ancestors" - distribute beer to 3 other players: 5 diamonds (Medallion: To Be Determined)
"Otherworldly Power" - Power your home by lava using only netherrack as a fuel source
"This is my sword. There are many like it, but this one is mine." - Name a weapon above diamond tier: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Diamond Sword)
"Popular with the ladies" - Have a smeltery exceed 20 layers in height: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Seared Bricks)
"I'm going to use it eventually" - Completely fill a maxed out Iron Tank: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Empty Bucket)
"Should I check on it?" - Have a Steve's Cart mine to 100 blocks away from you: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Internal Chests)
"Home Security" - Have your house protected and defended by various expanded redstone gadgets: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Redstone Torch)
"All Powerful" - Reach the end game stages of "Thermal Compound": 20 diamonds (Medallion: Tesseract)
"Smithy Pride" - Reach the end game stages of Tinkerer's Construct: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Block of Tartarite)
"They call me the Conductor" - Reach the end game stages of Railcraft: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Track)
"Mining from a hammock" - Reach the end game stages of Steve's Carts: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Galgadorian Drill)
"Bootlegger" - Reach the end game stages of Harvestcraft: 20 diamonds (Medallion: To Be Determined)
"Circuit Specialist" - Reach the end game stages of Expanded Redstone: 15 diamonds
"I am Industrious" - All Achievements Unlocked: Creative mode for 24 hours, ability to transfer to another faction and also keep your stuff (Medallion: Infiminer)

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT: "To China" - Have a 100x100 Quarry down to bedrock which can be scaled around its edges (stairs, no ladders.): Permission to enter the cave world (Medallion: Diamond Block)