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Mods: Forestry, Pam's, Witchery, Thaumcraft, Necromancy

Masters of all things related to the planet, the Earthen faction has a long and rich history of mystical alignments and agricultural prowess.

What this faction can do that others can't:
Tons of agriculture/farming opportunities
The only faction with magic
Powerful magical minions

What this faction struggles with:
Early game processing of high-tier metals
Early game combat


"I know kung fu" - Unlock all aspects: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Thaumometer)
"Friends til the end" - Build-your-own enderman crew (x3): 5 diamonds (Medallion: Ender Pearl)
"Lots of seeds" - Have a 100x100 thriving farm: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Seeds)
"Lazy Farmer" - Have the largest available autofarm: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Water Bucket)
"Don't piss me off" - Send someone to Torment: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Creeper Head)
"Enchanted can of whoop-ass" - Defeat an equally advanced player in a duel in the arena: 5 diamonds (Medallion: Witch's Ladder)
"Born of the planet" - Advance to the endgame stages of Thaumcraft: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Void Block)
"The Dark Arts" - Advance to the endgame stages of Necromancy: 10 diamonds (Medallion: Sewing Machine)
"One with the trees" - Advance to the endgame stages of Forestry: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Sacred Oak Sapling)
"Master Chef" - Advance to the endgame stages of all of Pam's agricultural mods: 20 diamonds (Medallion: Frying Pan)
"I am Earthen" - All achievements unlocked - Creative mode for 24 hours, ability to transfer to another faction and also keep your stuff (Medallion: Gold Lumber Axe)