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What to Bring to the Fair

Seniors are encouraged to bring the following items to the College Fair to ensure consideration for on-the-spot admissions and scholarship:

             *   One official transcript for each college you want to apply to.  (Please note that "official" means the transcript was provided by your school's registrar and is in a sealed envelope with the school's seal)

             *   One unofficial transcript to take with you to all of your interviews 

             *   One copy of your SAT/ACT score (if taken) for each college interviewer

             *   Letter(s) of recommendation (one from a teacher, one from a counselor)

             *   The essays required by each college  you want to apply to

             *   A completed application for each college you want to apply to

Juniors and others should bring the following:

             *   An unofficial transcript for colleges to review

             *   10 to 12 labels with your name, address, school, grade, current GPA, and intended major to be given to each college you ask to send you additional information 
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