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With HI Viruses unable to

be sighted in courts of law and genetic constructs floundering to establish their validity-- only all the science evidence can create the opportunities for feasible appraisal.


THE  following pages ARE EXTREMELY SIMILAR. In that regardless of whether the application  is agriculture,  the pharmaceutical industry, or medical science, it will be found that both endorsement and verification will involve non-empirical, falsified and patently obvious distortion.

As with radiation-- continued exposure to these new genetic substances-- is  CRIMINAL.

As are the declarations that established procedural process has ever been adhered to.



"The most important argument for convincing the public and decision-makers about the value of genetic engineering...has been the claim that it will produce new, valuable products that may contribute importantly to the solution of world hunger.

Does this have scientific support?  


"There is not any  single gene known to be responsible for such productivity enhancing properties as high yield, increased nitrogen fixation, increased hardiness, etc."


Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology