Mary Cuffe Perez is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children's books.  She has published five books and presents workshops to children and adults on poetry, nature writing and memoir.

She spends much of her time in the woods, the barn, garden or on the rivers and streams of the Adirondacks.  She lives with her husband, Ken and dog, Izzy, in the town of Galway, NY. 

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Poems in November (poetry chapbook) Order today at Finishing Line Press:

In Poems in NovemberMary Cuffe Perez writes, “Leafless,/trees lean into silence./This is what they are here for,/not to say what the wind will have them say/but to listen .…” Likewise, this poet leans into the silence and severe beauty of a family farm, her task to listen and to see. Here are “Apples red as ardency,/tasting of birch buds and ginger.” But here, too, is life beyond the senses, for these are poems filled with the life of the mind. The poet marvels, “It could be March as easily as November./A cup half filled.”  Readers will drink deeply from this entrancing collection. - Suzanne Cleary, author of four poetry collections and national award winner of the Pushcart Prize and the Cecil Hemley Memorial Award for the Poetry Society of America.

Gnarlys of the North Woods
for ages 8 – 12 (but adults will love it too)

Book and ebooks available  

Gnarlys of the North Woods takes readers, young and old, deep within the Gnarlys' world, from their "gruf" inside the hollow of Sweet Fat Mama, along their network of runs, across Alder Creek and into the Way-Way Yonda.  the Gnarlys' archenemies, the Gnomes, are old and wise but Gnarlys have Juju, a genius for imitating any song, call or sound in the forest.  It's a talent that leads them into the biggest trouble of all -- for Gnarlys, Gnomes and the forest they love. 

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Barn Stories (non-fiction) 

Turning the first page of Barn Stories is like sliding open the doors to the 200-year-old barn from which the stories emanate, and breathing in the smell of hay, horses and layer upon layer of history.  But the stories in this collection are not just about nostalgia, but about life -- what passes through and what is harbored there, and about the communities and landscapes they are part of.  

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