Park Manager

    Park Manager helps drivers to find nearest parking spots for their vehicles at nearest available parking areas. Also Park manager manages parking areas that are participating in the system.


Parking problem is one of the important obstacles in big cities. This problem consumes too much money and time. People waste 4.2 billion hours and 2.9 billion gallons of gasoline in United States alone in 2007 for searching parking places. One of the facilities of dissemination of technology is the availability of cell phones with GPS with every person. We make use of these devices to collect information that help to reduce parking problem.


  1. Solve the problem of parking search (save time and efforts).
  2. Manage parking areas.
  3. Reduce congestion in urban roads.

User Scenario:

  1. Driver enters his position manually or using GPS built in his cell phone.
  2.  System shows a nearest available spot on Bing map with a guiding line between the current position and the available spot.
  3. The user  drives to the candidate spot.
  4. System detects entrance to parking area using odd/even edges algorithm and presents best solution for the driver.
  5. If driver parks at suggested spots, he should press “Occupy” or he can use phone camera to take picture of this spot and using OCR service, cell phone shows spot id then the user should verify spot id and press “Occupy”. Also the user can input spot id manually.
  6. When the user takes his vehicle, the user should enter spot id manually or by phone camera, then presses “Free”.

Hawaii Service used:

  1. Bing Map: this service used to show the map to the user with his current position and the candidate spots.
  2. OCR: takes the name of spot as an  image then returns the text from the image.
  3. Speech to text : the user can pronounce the name of the spot, then this service gets the text, but this service can't be deployed because it can't get the separated characters correctly.


Demo on youtube