Millán Cortizo Sabugo 

Plant Biologist. 


I obtained my education in Asturias (Spain), gaining my degree in Biology in 2002 at the University of Oviedo. I was awarded a FPU grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2003 to conduct my Ph.D. studies in the Departement of Systems Biology of the University of Oviedo under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Ordás.

In 2008 I obtained my Ph.D. with a Thesis entitled "Micropropagation of Pinus pinea L. Phisiological and Molecular factors".

Currently working in a project aimed at developing system for candidate gene validation in conifers.

Research interests 

My current research interests are in the regulation of shoot formation in conifers. During the past years, my group has been gathering information on the physiological and molecular regulation of caulogenesis. I am also interested in the genetic engineering of plants, especially woody species. 

Other topics that I find fascinating are those related with plant evolution. I am particularly attracted by relict species such as Cycas, Gnetum or Sciadopytis and the physiological mechanisms that have enabled their survival across the years.


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