The result of a bored uni student on holidays, mConvert is a Windows Mobile unit converter.

And now, Version 2 of that slick, finger friendly converter is out. After much feedback suggesting more categories would be good, I have added 10 categories, meaning you can now convert in the following categories:
  • Area
  • length
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Velocity
  • Computers
  • Force
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Acceleration
  • Cooking
  • Energy
  • Pressure
  • Torque
IMPORTANT: App only designed for WVGA and VGA devices, and has only been tested on Windows Mobile emulator, and HTC Diamond 2.

mConvert can be downloaded for free from the Download page of this site, or is also available at Freeware Pocket PC at the following address:

Another great resource for information is the official XDA-Developers page at:

App created by Paul Mahoney.