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46th Annual Mathletics Competition

What is the Mathletics Competition?

Mathletics is a math contest held annually to encourage excellence in mathematics and recognize the achievement of individual students and the schools they represent. Mathletics is made possible by the generosity of donations and is organized mainly by volunteer teachers and students from the participating schools and the mathematics department from California State University Monterey Bay.  The event is coordinated by  the Monterey County Office of Education Mathematics Department. 

The Mathletics Competition is open to any Monterey County upper elementary, middle or high school.  Competing students must be sponsored by their school team. No individual students may register. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Registration Deadline is April 25, 2014

Location & Time:  Seaside High School, 8:30am-2:30pm

Teams/Exams are:

  •   CCSS Grade 5 (5th graders only)
  •   CCSS Grade 6 (6th graders only)
  •   CCSS Grade 7 (7th graders only)
  •   CCSS Grade 8 (8th graders only)
  •   Mathematics 1 (9th graders only)
  •   Geometry**
  •   Algebra 2**
  •   Math Analysis plus Trig (Pre Calc)**
  •   Calculus AB**
  •   Calculus BC**
**students currently enrolled in course

Each team may have up to 3 people per exam.  No Mathlete may compete at a level below which the Mathlete is currently enrolled and they shall not have previously completed a mathematics course at the level at which they are competing.

Cost per team:  $100 - includes a lunch for each Mathlete
Cost per lunch for coach: $10 each