I am a scientist, science communicator, programmer and musician. I have been creating opportunities to get out of the lab and the classroom to develop collaborative projects with people from a wide cross section of different disciplines for more than 25 years. The aim is to get everyone involved in the wider debate about science, art, and what it means to be a citizen of a technologically advanced, and creative human community.

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I have a track record of working with a wide range of interest groups, in the media, in museums and schools and have developed interactive exercises, workshops and presentations that concentrate on the importance of engaging everybody, particularly young people, with science and engineering.

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I have more than 25 years experience in research, software development, teaching and a wide range of public engagement and educational activities. I have worked in the national print and broadcast media, at science festivals, in schools, in the academic community, and in public.

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The self laments the fact that nobody can find it in the brain using a scanner

What would it mean, and what would be said?

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