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Data Center Applications:

Analytics / Business Intelligence
Presentation available for viewing here (
Supply Chain Management, Inventory Asset Management, Process Management, Distributions, Retail, Medical Records Management, Document Management - data integration and translation!

Presentation available for viewing here (
TKiCasino is an application designed and developed specifically for the gaming industry.
If you are an operator, supplier, or involved in Gaming Industry management please use the contact us link to the left and we will contact you back shortly.

Cloud Applications:

ManageContractor is a Google Cloud based system for contractors to track multiple clients, work orders, billing and invoicing, graphical and IRS reporting.
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Published free APPs:

Chicago Limo - click on APP Downloads and get it (Allows users to reserve a limo in Chicago)
Click here for your personal LIMO application!!!

RV Check - Released Monday, Dec-06-2010 - RV CHECK web site
Google Registered users group -
More information to be released soon
- click on APP Downloads and get it (Allows users to keep all RV data on the DROID for quick access)

Published paid APPs:

Pilot Currency Lite - Released Monday, Nov-29-2010
For instructions click
(Allows pilots a quick view of "AM I OK TO FLY?")
(For Pilot Currency Lite support click on the support item bellow or in the menu)
(or click on this link:

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