Goblin Gold

WIP screenshot

The goblin army has stolen several chests' worth of gold, and you are the hero who will get it back!
A 7DRL (Seven-day Roguelike) project by James McNeill

  • Numpad to move (alternatively W/E/A/S/D/Z/X if you're on a notebook computer)
  • Yet another alternate control scheme: H/I/J/K/M/N/U
  • Ctrl+R to restart current map
  • Ctrl+N for a new map
  • ? for help and credits
  • Esc to quit
  • Waiting for the right moment to attack (5 on the numpad or S on the keyboard) is critical to avoiding death!
  • Goblins like to attack en masse. Don't get mobbed!
  • Hunt for healing herbs to restore your health.
  • Development diary
  • Reddit announcement thread
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