Ms. McNeilly's Class

Kindergarten in Room 25, Alturas Elementary School, Alturas, California

Our Schedule

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8:00 Breakfast, arrival

8:20 Pledge, business, Morning Meeting

8:35 Writers’ Workshop 

(Friday: Library with Mrs. Culp)

9:00 Reading: Comprehension

9:20 Handwriting

9:30 Reading: Decoding

10:15 Recess

10:30 M/TH: Technology with Ms. Parker

          T/W: Music with Mrs. Siegel

          F: Writer's Workshop

10:55 Math

11:40 Lunch and recess 

12:20 Tooth brushing, rest

12:30 Integrated Thematic Instruction (includes Story, Social Studies or Science, Buzz Book, Think Books)

12:50 PE

1:10 Snack

1:20 Centers

2:10 Dismissal

The first Wednesday of every month is a minimum day, with 12:35 dismissal.

 Don't forget!

Bee Books need to come to school every day, except Monday (because I keep them over the weekend).

Return your bag of library books every Wednesday. New library books and "I Can Read" books come home every Thursday. Starting in March, library books from the school library will come home every Friday.

Homework is collected every Friday. Because it follows the same pattern each week, you never have to worry if you're absent or the recording sheet gets lost.

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