Roof Damage

McNeel Mill       Mill Point, WV

On April 11th, 2007 there was quite a storm that came through Mill Point. It was reported in the Pocahontas Times that the wind speed could have been as high as 70 miles per hour. This took it’s toll on the mill roof. Two large holes were ripped in the roof with the metal roofing landing in and across route 219. I do not think anyone questioned the need for a new roof on the mill, but this illustrates the dire importance of the project. Before, with the help of Lanty McNeel and his ladder truck, we have been able to patch holes in the roof, on the backside of the building. The current holes can not be repaired that way. They are on the front of the building, where it is hard to find level ground for a ladder and there is no room for Lanty’s truck. This worries us because now the mill will have to wait until the whole roof is repaired before this section can be worked on.