New Roof for the McNeel Mill

McNeel Mill       Mill Point, WV
Summer of 2007 the Pocahontas Historical Society, in cooperation with Lanty McNeel and Matthew Tate received a grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History to put a new roof on the McNeel Mill. This grant is a 50% matching grant, which means the WVDCH will reimburse 50% of the cost of a new roof for the mill. In the Fall of 2007 The Snowshoe Foundation donated $500.00 towards the project and in the Spring of 2008 The Pocahontas County Historic Landmarks Committee donated $7,250.00 to the roof project. Other individuals, who have visited the mill, have donated $250.00.

Barnett Builders won the contract to put on a new traditional standing seam metal roof on the mill. The project will cost about $24,000.00. As you can see, we still have a long way to go on fundraising to pay for this project. Any donations you could make would be greatly appreciated.

On June 9th 2008, the first of three payments on the roof was made and Barnett Builders started work. The following pictures document each day’s progress.


 First Barnett Builder took the old metal roofing off

and repaired and rotten or broken wood.

From the inside looking out, It's never been this light inside!

You could see things you never had before, with all that light

Then the new plywood went on

and roofing felt over that.

The front side is ready for the new metal roof.

Here Claude and Peachy, of Barnett Builders are patching the wood.

The back side of the mill with no roof.

Fron inside looking out.

More good light to see things.

Again the plywood ans roofing felt go on.

Almost ready for the new metal roof.

Back to the front, they started with the awning

After the got the process down it went quickly

The first and last piese on each side were the hardest parts

It looks good though!

Starting on the back

moving right along

Just putting on the ridge cap

Claude and Peachy finishing up! It sure looks good!