IB Biology HL class


This page is for my students at Munich International School.  I hope students will refer to this and make constructive suggestions so that I can make this page more useful to them and their study of Biology.  

Due to copyright restrictions from the IBO, I cannot post the syllabus documents on the topic pages.  These topic units will be posted on the internal Moodle site for MIS in the  IB Biology course.

It is vital that students become familiar with the Command terms in order to know how to address the exam questions and to what depth they should answer.

Websites I consider to be excellent and related to the IB curriculum will appear in the topic pages accessed through the Topic Guide.

Revision and Study should be daily- but intensified  before tests and exams!  Of course this is just reinforcement of what we have done in class but now you can do the work at your rhythm.


Topic Guide -  websites to support the topic unit curriculum are selected

Internal Assessment guide a powerpoint guide for students

ICT skills link - this is from David Mindorff the  ICT faculty member for IB Biology and deputy chief examiner.  You should use this to focus your use of DCP-graphing, use of spreadsheets, databases and simulations.

Plan of unit coverage- 2 year plan

May 2009 IB exam schedule something to look forward to!

Site map in Inspiration -you can tick off the boxes as you use the website. many topics are  hotlinks to the  Topic pages in this website.