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Alumni by Interest

Major Interests

The McMurry Physics majors, minors, and alumni are involved in a variety of campus activities beyond their classroom activities.  If you are interested in any of the following, please feel free to email our current students or our alumni and ask about those programs as well.

Our Alumni Page and Student Page list these 
same students, sorted by graduation date.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather 
allows the opportunity to further investigate the opportunities..

Extra-curricular Activities
Current Students Alumni
Campus Life:
Student Government David Bailey Weldon Bailey ('01)
  Residence Advisor   Weldon Bailey ('01)
Other Academic Fields: Timothy Rackler (history)  
Video Gaming:
Tim Haupt

Baseball  Chad Mikulec   Randall Hollas ('01)
  Football   Dennis Conner ('02)
  Swimming Timothy Rackler  
  Tennis Tim Haupt
Intermurals: David Bailey Chad Mikulec  
Chanters David Bailey Weldon Bailey ('01)
Sarah (Martin) Meyer ('98) 
  Band, Choir, 
Jazz Ensemble
Galleon, Totem, 
War Whoop
   Sarah (Martin) Meyer ('98) 
Honors Programs  
Thomas Grimstad ('03) 
Sarah (Martin) Meyer ('98) 
  Honors Societies    Sarah (Martin) Meyer ('98) 
Service Clubs:
Alpha Phi Omega, 
Servant Leadership, 
Zeta Phi Beta
Social Clubs:
 Chad Mikulec (Kiva)
Thomas Grimstad (HEI) ('03)
 Sarah (Martin) Meyer (GamSig)('98) 
Various Religious Denominations:
 Chad Mikulec (Catholic) Thomas Grimstad (Catholic) ('03)