The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy is organizing an international conference on Axiomatic versus Semantic Truth, March 14-16, 2012.

The conference's topic is the comparison between the two main approaches to truth: axiomatic and semantic. Why go one way rather than the other? Do the two approaches exclude each other? Are there alternative approaches? In which categories fall the most important existing theories? Is there a deeper metaphysical distinction underlying the two approaches? Can revenge arguments give grounds for preferring one approach over another? Can philosophical reflection on other disciplines, such as logic and set-theory, help us understanding the nature, and the philosophical import, of the semantic/axiomatic divide?


Attendance is free, but, if you plan to attend, please register via email ( by March 1st.

Invited speakers
  • Jc Beall (University of Connecticut and University of Otago)
  • Andrea Cantini (University of Florence)
  • Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University)¬†
  • Volker Halbach (University of Oxford)
  • Leon Horsten (University of Bristol)
  • Luca Incurvati (University of Cambridge)
  • Jeffrey Ketland (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, and University of Oxford)
  • Hannes Leitgeb (LMU, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
  • Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University and University of St Andrews)


You can download the conference poster here.