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If the quality of alternative commercial cleaning products is the same or better as your current products...

And the reliability of supply from an alternative supplier to you is the same or better as your current suppliers...

And the convenience of delivery from an alternative supplier is the same or better as you are getting now...

But the price of the cleaning products is much, much less.........

What’s your decision?


Get a FREE Commercial Cleaning Product Usage Audit


Dennis McMahon here from Green Kleen.

Because of the innovation and creativity of a very special Indonesian entrepreneur, you now have the chance to reduce the costs of your cleaning products, whether you operate a cleaning services business, or you have a business premises (hotel, oil rig, factory, etc) that needs cleaning.

This man wants to grow the largest cleaning products business in Indonesia (firstly – then the world!) and already these fantastic “green” high quality cleaning products are being used by hotels throughout Jakarta (see the Customer Testimonials page for ecstatic clients).

And we have been granted the exclusive worldwide distributorship of these exceptionally high quality, low cost (we say the cheapest!) commercial cleaning products.

How can the prices be so low?

There are 2 major reasons that we can keep the prices so low for you:

  1. Indonesia has extremely low cost labour, which keeps production costs way down! – but the quality in the production process ensures that the products are both of ISO standard and environmentally safe and friendly (see ISO Certificate here)
  2. And secondly, we intend to sell and ship in large volumes, so our margins are kept exceptionally low compared to our industry competitors.

Product Range

You have the choice from a huge product range, covering virtually all cleaning uses in most industries from hotels to oil and gas rigs (and everything in between). See the Product page link above or click here

Not only there is a product for all your commercial cleaning needs, they all come with Material Data Sheets, so you know that the products not only cost way less than you’re paying now, but you can also relax because every cleaning product is:

  • Environmentally safe, which enhances your “green” credentials
  • Produced to internationally recognised standards (ISO - International Standards Organisation) so you know they are high quality
  • Non-toxic so your employees and clients are at no risk of harm
  • Not classed as Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials, so you have no extra costs associated with special handling, equipment or clothing
  • And cheaper than the products you’re now buying!

And every product can be supplied in your choice of container size, including 1000l, 200l, 50l, 20l and 10l.


Now if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering “what’s the catch?”

Well, there are really only 3 things to concerned about.

  1. Are the products as good or better than what you are now using? That is, will they do the job for you?

    To satisfy you on that score, I’ve attached some letters of recommendation from current clients, who are ecstatically happy with the products they’re using.

    And we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on any product that does not match or exceed the cleaning quality of your previous product.

  2. Will the products arrive on time?

    We guarantee that your delivery will be on time. We will send you delivery tracking information every step of the way and if for any reason your delivery is late, we will deduct 1% of the price for every day of late delivery.

    So let’s say your delivery is 10 days late. You get 10% of the purchase price refunded or deducted! (depending on your terms of payment).
  3. Is the price for real and is it a once off special or a long term price?

    The price we offer is guaranteed for the calendar year because that’s the contract we have with our manufacturer.  And the reason we can offer these prices is because our manufacturer has deliberately set out to keep his costs and his prices to a minimum.

    We also guarantee to keep annual increases under 5%, so you can safely plan your budget for a whole year.

So, you need to ask yourself –

if you can save costs by buying your commercial cleaning products cheaper,

and we can live up to our commitments to you,

why wouldn’t you make the change?


Want to Sample the Range?

Maybe you have a supply contract in place?

That’s OK – it’s a great time to trial other products where you can compare the quality, applications and pricing. Talk to me about our Sample Range Packs and we’ll arrange for you to try our products alongside the ones you use now.

Click here to contact Us or call me on +61 438 728 161 (Australia) or +6281584811563 (Indonesia) for your

FREE Cleaning Product Usage Audit

In the meantime, please read the Client Letters of Recommendation and the Product Price List for more information.

Compare the prices you now pay with the prices we offer you. And then make the change or at least run a trial with a Sample Pack.

Thank you.


Dennis McMahon