Live Web feed from the NSO McM/P West Aux telescope at Kitt Peak

The eclipse web broadcast was completed.

Two science experiments run at McM/P:
1.6m Main telescope: extreme limb spectroscopy at 1526nm
0.9m East Auxiliary telescope: two-color 5 and 10 micron imaging (NASA QWIP camera)

EPO on 0.9m West Aux: webcam stream fed to Google page and to Ustream page.

This was installed 21 Oct, minimally advertised 22 & 23 Oct only.
Local Tucson newspaper: Arizona Daily Star
Sky and Telescope web page
Slate magazine web page article from Phil Plait

The total solar eclipse of 21 Aug 2017 is expected to have 100 times the number of viewers (some estimates are as high as 500 million viewers)

2800-ish views on Ustream page fed from Google site; not good statistics

Google hits:
2242 unique viewers, 10am and 5pm, almost 1000 page requests per hour at peak
All 50 states in the US; 35 states with more than 10 viewers
712 cities in the USĀ 
34 countries