Meet the gods

by Jerry McMasters
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These comics ridicule God, gods, religion, and believers.  I started them in January 2006 and have been adding them off and on since then.  They contain material some people might consider offensive and most of the language and situations are not intended to be seen by children.  That seems like a fair enough warning, right?

New Comic:  "C.S.I. Jerusalem"

Most recent stuff:
Jan 2009
Meet the gods 8:  Revelation

It's on my Tripod site. Click here.  

 Dec 2008
This is a short play.  Don't know if I want to bother trying to turn it into some form of a comic or cartoon.

Nov 2008
Meet the gods 7:  Election special

Oct 2008
"God and Satan"  A short play possibly good for a few giggles.

Another comic- pokes a bit of fun at over-zealous atheists (you know who you are):

Captain Atheist! 1

Captain Atheist! 2



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Meet the gods 1The first MTG is twelve pages, written and drawn in January 2006. Eastern gods meet western gods. The artwork is crude (not that it’s gotten much better) but the personalities of the gods are in place. Jesus is a bit of a twit, but a good-natured twit. God (capitol “G,” the honcho) makes a cameo but in a form that will be replaced later.



Meet the gods 2The second MTG is my favorite. Twelve pages, completed in February 2006. The gods battle the moderately interesting Captain Logic.






Meet the gods 3The third MTG (March 2006) re-introduces God. Who needs a long-flowing white beard when you have the world’s wickedest Fu Manchu? A record is broken for the use of the word “fuck.” If you don’t mind insults towards the world’s most revered religious icons but have a problem with naughty language, comic three might not be for you.



Meet the gods 4The fourth MTG came after a long hiatus, very little thought given to the comic at all. Strangely enough, thought of and finished it in April 2007, exactly one year after finishing MTG three. The gods are bored, and want to visit earth. Will Jesus screw it up? Probably. 


Meet the gods 5MTG five, June 2007:“There’s Something About Thor.” You figure it out.






Meet the gods 6  MTG six, December 2007.  14 pages.  There's lots of gods, but there's only one "Wholly Other Something."

 MTG 6 can currently be seen at

I can't seem to get the comic pics in at this time on this site, I really suck at computers.

Meet the gods 7:  Election special!  October 2008.  Also on the other site, see link above.