Webster Public Library
Webster Plaza, 980 Ridge Rd, Webster NY 14580

Webster Public Library

Fun Facts about Webster:
1. We have a neon sign in our Teen Lounge.
2. We loan Xbox 360 and Wii games.
3. We have computers that only teens are allowed to use.
4. Our children’s room has a foot bridge and a rainbow.
5. We have a collection of teen book discussion kits.

Fun Facts about your librarian:
1. I am a professional Scrabble player in my spare time.  Yes, it is possible to play professionally if you go to tournaments and compete for money.  And yes, I am *that* nerdy. :)
2. I’ve recently developed a frozen yogurt addiction because there is a new yogurt place in our plaza.  
3. If I’m not reading teen books or playing Scrabble, I’m often knitting.
4. I own a 1986 VW Westfalia camper van.  His name is Klaus.
5. My fondest wish is to live on Prince Edward Island, the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, writer of Anne of Green Gables.  It is the prettiest place on this earth.

Sir Jeffrey Charles Blücher is a bunny from the town of Reading, located on Library Island. He has size 10 feet and his best friend is a cat named Sir Reads-a-lot. He loves to eat blueberry jelly, which gives him his brilliant color. His favorite drink is Starbucks coffee. He can often be found sitting in a giant comfy chair, playing Scrabble, Candy Land or reading. He is currently re-reading Harry Potter #7.