Rochester Public Library: Fredrick Douglass Community Library
971 South Ave, Rochester NY 14620

Frederick Douglass Community Library

Why hello there little one! Who are you? Make sure not to get stuck in a rain storm! You might zap that cute hair of yours!
Highland Branch Library Mascot
Name:  Sampson
Bio:  Sampson was born with an eye defect where one eye was bigger than the other.  As a teenager, all the other robots made fun of him for being different.  So he begged his mom and dad to let him have surgery to fix his eye.  Unfortunately, he went to a doctor who didn’t speak robot, so instead of fixing the problem he made it worse.  So Sampson and his family came to Earth and ended up at the Highland Branch hoping to find new information about eye surgery and a new doctor.  While he was there he found a lot of great books he wanted to read and discovered that he could read longer and faster with his huge eye.  So he decided to keep his eye the way it was.
Favorite Books: Anything but Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin and Spin: The Story of Michael Jackson by Sherry O’Keefe
Favorite Movie: I, Robot
Favorite Song: Mr. Roboto
Favorite Food: Nuts and bolts