Fairport Public Library
1 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport NY 14450

Fairport Public Library

fun facts about Fairport
1. One of the staff of the library is the person who founded the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival!  (you'll never guess who. ;))
2. We may be Monroe County’s only subterranean library.
3. The library is 117 years old.
4. The Teen area used to be the children’s room and the children’s room used to be a Chinese Restaurant.  
5. The library has had wine leak through the ceiling on several occasions.
6.We once had a deer come crashing through one of our windows…on the side that is not underground.
7. We are located right off the Erie Canal.

five fun facts about your librarian
1. I dyed my hair brilliant colors when teens donated $6666 for the 6th annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival.
2. In 1990, I drove across country from Washington State to New York in a 1957 VW Beetle with my then boyfriend, now husband.
3. I learned the hard way that you can have your library’s smoke alarm system temporarily turned off during a cooking program so that steam does not cause the alarms to go off leading to a full library evacuation.
4. One of my cats has 23 toes.  
5. I believe life is better because of peanut butter pie.  

Red Reader from Fairport

Red Reader from Fairport
Name:  Red Reader
Age:  Unknown
Gender:  Male
History:  The Red Reader was born because he was desperately needed in the world of books.  For too long, teens around the world were falling prey to bad books. Librarians, teachers and booksellers were at a loss… they had no control over what authors and publishers were printing. Desperate to save teens from the evils of bad writing, they cried out for help – and the Red Reader answered their calls. With his keen book-sense (and the ability to fly through the stacks without notice), the Red Reader is able to stop innocent patrons from becoming victims of bad books. Next time you pick up a book of questionable merit, don’t be surprised if the Red Reader comes for you.  And don’t be fooled by his “cute” appearance, the Red Reader is a formidable force to be reckoned with. He is a true hero of reading fans around the world.
Residence:  Unknown, but often found guarding book stacks.
Favorite Books/Author: Little Red Hen, Where the Red Fern Grows,  The Red Badge of Courage
Favorite Movies: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Favorite Foods: Red Beans and Rice, Red Baron frozen pizza
Favorite Desserts: Red Velvet Cake, Red Jell-o
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Musical Groups: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Tree: Redwood
Favorite Sport/Hobby: Reading
Pet: Red Squirrel named Rosy