Chili Public Library
3333 Chili Ave, Rochester NY 14624

Chili Public Library

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ten fun facts about Chili
1. We have an annual photo contest with FABULOUS PRIZES! Check out previous years' photos here.
2. We have a coffee bar that serves coffee yummy coffee. Crazy, I know.
3. We have an awesome horror movie collection.
4. We have a sweet cd collection.
5. We have a collection of yearbooks from Churchville-Chili High School
6. We have some pretty awesome robots. If only they could clean houses.
7. We have a REAL uniform from the Civil War.
8. We have a wii so that on game days you can play rock band for as long as your friends let you.
9. Once, we had someone running through the parking lot wearing an ape costume and chasing after a car. I thought that it was a bear and I was petrified.
10. We have the most awesomest Teen Friends group EVER. Well, at least in our opinion.

Norm the Ninja at Chili

Norm the Ninja at the Chili Library
Once upon a time a long time ago. Norm the Ninja was born. He grew up in an average everyday household. His parents were good parents except for one thing. They didn’t encourage reading (gasp). 

When Norm got older and had graduated from Ninja college, he started to get curious about libraries. He had never stepped foot in one and didn’t even know what they were for. 

So one day he decided to take a risk and go to the Chili Public Library. When he got there the first thing he noticed was the friendly atmosphere. This place isn’t so bad Norm thought to himself. He browsed through the DVDs and CDs and was blown away that he could actually borrow them for free if he got a library card. 

Norm got a card and felt good about his trip to the library. He even planned to go back the next day. The next day he went back to the Chili Public Library and looked at the books. Norm avoided the books the day before because he remembered that his parents didn’t like reading. But since he was trying new things Norm picked up a book and started to read it. An hour later he finished it. “Wow I really liked this book, Green Eggs and Ham”! 

Before Norm could check out his new favorite book he heard a large CRASH. A giant panda broke into the library and had a blue pen and a large garbage bag. “Give me all the Dr. Seuss books or I’ll mark up the classics!” As if proving a point he grabbed a copy of Little Women and scribbled all over the pages. 

Librarians were in total panic and tried to find all the Dr. Seuss books they could find. “Sir, could you please give me that book. It’s by Dr. Seuss.” “Not on my watch” He set the book down and karate kicked the giant panda right in the gut. “Ooof.” The giant panda got up and gave him an angry glare. Now it was war. 
But Norm was too quick, he was already taking books out of the garbage bag. Before the giant panda could protest, Norm grabbed the pen and stabbed him in the leg. “ROAR!” He fell to the ground in pain. 

The library erupted in cheers. The giant panda was defeated and Norm was a hero. And that was the day he was asked to be the Chili Public Library mascot.