Here I keep my records about mpg123.

The current HowTo is mpg123-1.12.5.

Here are HowTos (Fedora 10) for mpg123-0.60 mpg123-1.7.0 mpg123-1.7.2 mpg123-1.7.3
and (even for the mpg123-1.8 Release Candidate) mpg123-1.8rc2 mpg123-1.8.1
mpg123-1.9.0 mpg123-1.9.1 mpg123-1.10.0 mpg123-1.10.1
mpg123-1.12.1 mpg123-1.12.2
(Fedora 12 and Atom): mpg123-1.12.3 mpg123-1.12.5

It is easy to build and install.
It is as easy to use as:
[mike@ex ~]$ mpg123 "what a wonderful world.mp3"

Enjoy the beauty of sheet music.


  -= terminal control keys =-
[s] or [ ]    interrupt/restart playback (i.e. '(un)pause')
[f]    next track
[d]    previous track
[b]    back to beginning of track
[p]    loop around current position (like a damaged audio CD;-)
[.]    forward
[,]    rewind
[:]    fast forward
[;]    fast rewind
[>]    fine forward
[<]    fine rewind
[+]    volume up
[-]    volume down
[r]    RVA switch
[v]    verbose switch
[l]    list current playlist, indicating current track there
[t]    display tag info (again)
[m]    print MPEG header info (again)
[h]    this help
[q]    quit
[c] or [C]    pitch up (small step, big step)
[x] or [X]    pitch down (small step, big step)
[w]    reset pitch to zero

Frame#   304 [ 5024], Time: 00:07.94 [02:11.23], RVA:   off, Vol: 100(100)

2010.03.04    Michael