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The Activities Committee has planned  a visit to the 
New England Air Muesum
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The Dept of Connecticut Convention

for 2014 will be held on June 13 & 14th at the Crowne Plaza  in Cromwell, CT

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National Board of Trustees and Department Commandants –

 At the National Convention in August, the delegates approved a $2 increase to National Dues.  Included with the September 30th Membership Roster mail-out was a letter from the National Comptroller outlining exactly what EVERY Detachment needed to do as a result of the dues change, with completion dates.  In October, the information below was highlighted in the Nov/Dec issue of “Semper Fi”.

 Simply put, EVERY Detachment was to submit a “supplemental” “Installation of Officers Report” with their Annual Dues reflected at the bottom.  It is ONLY from that notification that we print the Membership Dues on the Dues Notices when they go out to your members.

That information was to be sent through to reach National Headquarters no later than December 1st.  As of today, December 18th, we have received responses from less than 10% of the 1100 Detachment around the country.  As a courtesy, we held off mailing the January Dues Notices so that we could reflect any changes that were sent to us.  Now, we have no choice but to mail the January notices with whatever information we have.

What is the result of that going to be?  The January dues notices and subsequent months will go out to those members with the “current” dues required except for those 10% of Detachments that sent in updates.  The member is going to pay what their notice says they owe.  The Detachments that didn’t send us changes will end up eating the $2 difference when they write the check to National Headquarters.

At this point, we must implore the DEPARTMENT PAYMASTERS to closely check EVERY Transmittal that comes to them to ensure that the check designated for National is made out for the correct amount.  As advertised, we will have to return any that come to us with insufficient funds.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process them until they are correct.  We will gather them and return them to the Departments in batches every few week to be corrected and returned to us.

The process of getting this right could drag on for some time unless each of you takes a personal interest in monitoring things on your end. 

We are asking for your help to ensure that your members receive the service they deserve in the proper time frame.



Michael A. Blum

Executive Director

Marine Corps League

P. O. Box 3070

Merrifield, VA 22116-3070

Tel:  703/207/9588

FAX: 703/207/0047

E-Mail:  ExecDir@MCLeague.org

Website:  http://www.MCLeague.com

Marines----Some of you may have heard that the Middlesex County Detachment was planning to have the author of "They Called Her Reckless", the story of the courageous Korean mare, present a program this week. Unfortunately we were unable to coordinate our plans with the Portland Historical Society, with whom we plan to co-sponsor the presentation. We do still plan to have the author, Janet Barrett, give the talk, but at a later date to be announced.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Reckless became the warhorse or the Fifth Marine Regiment during the Korean when she carried supplies,  and reckless rifle ammo to the front and wounded Marines to the rear---unguided---under fire for a sustained period.

She was retired to Camp Pendleton after the cease fire was declared where she was given the rank of S/Sgt., and where she died several years later. She is buried at Camp Pendleton, with an appropriate monument to her

Janet Barrett's book is currently advertised on page 63 of the Jan/Feb issue of "Semper Fi" magazine.  I'm sure the author will be willing to sign your copy when we do have her as a guest in conjunction with the Historical
Society and/or the Portland Library.  We'll let you know when we plan to reschedule this event.

Semper Fi,

Gene Sullivan
Middlesex County Detachment

Plan for Quad State! it’s always a good time – and the Essex Resort and Spa looks like a great place. Some of our more experienced travelers have eaten there in the past and have given glowing reviews.

               And, it’s just “up the road a piece” (4 hours, 44 minutes – unless you drive faster) – but plenty of places to stop off and visit along the way – King Arthur Flower / a Vietnam War Memorial to name two – make a day of it! You’ll be cooped up all winter and dying to get outdoors anyway – this trip is made to order, but don’t get disappointed by waiting too long to make a reservation.  Good luck and see you there!

Semper Fidelis,
Department of Connecticut
John J. Dougherty, Commandant

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 Marine Sgt. Justin Eldridge was taken from us the victim of PTSD and thorough generous work, the Eldridge children now have an official education fund.

The official name is- "Eldridge Childrens Education Fund"

It is in the Liberty Bank System Account # 6574627180

Liberty has about 50 branches in the State of Connecticut

All branches will be aware of the formation of this account

  A  a fundraiser is being worked on in the Waterford area to supplement the fund.
     God Bless / Semper Fidelis

     Ted Aub - Adjutant - Marine Corps League - Dept of Connecticut