MDLD Past Results & Reports

Bold red names denote meeting the sunrise to sunset "Challenge."
Mason = supported run with crew and/or pacer(s)
Dixon = unsupported run, no crew or pacer

Fastest Finishes

M: James Rayburn 11:10 (2010)
F: Jackie Palmer 12:01 (2014)
Unsupported "Dixon": Jason Lantz 11:11 (2014)
Oldest "Challenge" Finisher: Henry Peck, 57 (2014)

2015 Finishers

1. Ron Green, 14:15 (Mason) 
2. Zach Geiple, 14:52 (Mason) 
3. Kevin Russell, 15:40 (Mason) 

Held June 20, 2015. There were three finishers out of six starters. Two managed to finish by sunset, making The Challenge. More details before 2016 trailfest.

Kathleen Cusick 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Alex Papadopoulos (@ Lock 12?)
Casey Fisher (@ ?)
Eva Van Stratum "fun run"
Steve Bunville "fun run"

2014 Finishers

1. Jason Lantz 11:11:00 (Dixon) 
2. Jackie Palmer 12:01:00 (Mason) 
3. James Rayburn 12:35:00 (Dixon) 
4. Kathleen Cusick 12:57:00 (Dixon) 
5. Henry Peck 13:35:00 (Mason) 
6. Ryan Vandenberghe 14:35:00 (Mason) 
7. Gary Bowman 17:18:00 (Mason) 

Held June 21, 2014 on a cool day with some morning showers and drier conditions later in the day. Great running conditions. There was an amazing total of seven finishers out of eleven starters. An unprecedented six runners who started at sunrise managed to finish by sunset, making The Challenge. This year's course was longer than previous years' with the addition of some beautiful new miles (1.5 of them) along the banks of Otter Creek, but about 1/2 mile less in Conowingo.

Brigitte Sheehan 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Roxanne Strine 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Jack Wharton 38 miles @ Lock 12 
Steve Bunville 29 miles @ Muddy Creek Bridge 

2014 reports: Jackie Palmer

2013 Finishers

1. Michael Welch 13:51:00 (Mason) 
2. Scott Newcomer 13:55:00 (Dixon) 
3. Alexander Papadopoulos 14:11:00 (Dixon) 
4. Janet Smith 14:36:00 (Mason) 
5. Kenneth Keller 15:11:00 (Mason) 
6. Gary Lukacs 17:16:00 (Mason) 
7. Henry Peck 17:16:00 (Dixon) 
8. David Wood 19:29:00 (Dixon) 
9. Steve Bunville 20:01:00 (Mason) 
10. Harry Hewson 20:48:00 (Mason) 
11. Jeff Engelbrecht 23:45:00 (Dixon) 
12. Roxanna Strine 24:35:00 (Mason) 

Held June 22, 2013. There was an amazing total of twelve finishers out of twenty starters. Four runners started at sunrise and beat the sun to the end of the course. Some of the runners had a very early start and soldiered on for finish times of over 20 hours.

Matt Smythe 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Ryan Vandenberg 45 miles @ Posey Road 
Milo Selin 38 miles @ Lock 12 
Kyle Elken 32 miles @ Slab Road 
John Lucerne 32 miles @ Slab Road 
Bob Brashear 25 miles @ Cold Cabin 
Loren Thomas 25 miles @ Cold Cabin 
Eva Van Stratum 25 miles @ Cold Cabin 
Grace Tran fun run, various trails 

2013 reports: Jeff Engelbrecht

2012 Finishers

1. Meg Harnett 12:56 (Mason)
2. Keith Levasseur 13:06 (Dixon)
3. Bill Tryon 13:51 (Mason)
4. Thomas Haine 14:26 (Mason)
5. Nate Regoski 14:49 (Mason)
6. Will Weidman 15:58 (Dixon)
7. Brigitte Sheehan 20:42 (Mason)

Held June 23, 2012. There were seven finishers out of twenty-one starters. Though the weather was reasonably nice and the temperatures not notably hot, this year's run presented difficulties over previous years. Storms in late 2011 and early 2012 had thrown many downed trees and washouts into the mix. The icing on the cake was an intense storm that passed through the area the night before, giving the runners a large number of new downed trees to deal with. Despite those extra obstacles, seven participants managed to finish the entire 100K, with a record five runners completing the daylight challenge. Meg Harnett of Baltimore completed the fastest ever run by a woman and won this year's challenge in a time of 12:56. Keith Levasseur of Glen Burnie, MD, completed the fastest "Dixon," meaning a run without crew or pacer(s), coming in only ten minutes or so behind Meg. Congratulations to all of the 2012 runners!

Janet Smith (Otter Creek): 50 miles, ~12:25
David Wood (Otter Creek): 50 miles, ~15:35
Jeff Engelbrecht (Otter Creek): 50 miles, ~15:21
Henry Peck (Otter Creek): 50 miles
Jason Rita: 50+ miles trail+road division
Roxanne Strine: ~44 miles (gameland fence)
Gary Lukacs: 38 miles+++ (Lock 12 plus off trail tour), 8 hrs++
Steve Bunville: 38 miles (Lock 12), ~8:20
Harry Hewson: 38 miles (Lock 12), ~8:25
Eva Van Stratum: 38 miles (Lock 12), ~11:31
Dean Johnson: 34 miles, ~10:00
Mimi Hughes: TBA
Kim Demarco: TBA
Loren Thomas: TBA
Kallie Johnson: 10 miles, 4 paws

2011 Finishers

1. James Rayburn 11:37
2. Jim Mastrianni 15:00
3. Janet Smith 18:47
4. Mike Gormley 18:47
5. John Dunham 19:20
6. Glenn Gravatt 19:54

Held June 18, 2011. There were six finishers out of twenty-five starters. Though this trail is not easy at any time, 2011 seems to have been an especially tough year.

2010 Finishers

1. James Rayburn 11:10 (new fastest time)
2. Ron Green 14:38
3. Jen Erickson 15:04
4. Thomas Haine 15:05
5. Bill Tryon 15:10
6. Laurie Reinhart 15:29
7. Larry Schlaline 15:56

Held June 19, 2010. Seven finishers out of nineteen starters. James Rayburn and Ron Green finished before the 8:37 sunset. Rayburn set a new course record.

2010 ReportsSteve Bunville | Jen Erickson | Ron Green | Tom Haine (pdf)

2009 Finishers

1. Brett Pfleiger, 12:22 (new fastest time)
2. Bill Tryon, 14:25
3. Ron Green, 14:42
4. Jaret Seiberg, 15:22
5. Christian Taylor, 17:48
6. Hamilton Tyler, 17:48
7. Seth McElroy, 17:49
8. Rick Moyer, 17:49
9. Pete McLaughlin, 18:39 (new record slow time)

Held June 20, 2009.

Hunt reports:

MDLD seems to attract a select type of trail runner looking for a different but significant challenge and has grown slowly. This year saw an increase to 16 registered full 100k distance runners and 5+ relay participants.

This forth running saw similar conditions early on, to the brutal 1st year in 2006 when horrific thunderstorms, hail and driving wind forced two of the starters to end the day at 50 miles with the 6 others having dropped earlier. The last 12+ miles include a significant amount of treacherous rock on an escarpment overlooking the river and since the course is not marked other then with the M&D trail blazes, going on with prospects of darkness is always questionable.

However this year the early storms moderated and 10 persistent runners completed the full distance in a wide variation of times. Three finished before sunset between 12 and 15 hours, one before civil twilight( 15 1/2 hrs), 5 in under 17 hours and one over that.

The run winner, Brett Pfleiger a high school XC coach from York, Pa completed in an amazing 12 Hours 22 min bettering his successful 2008 MDLD event by over 2 hours, despiteÊthe less than optimal conditions which caused the demanding rocks on steep upÊand down hills to be even less forgiving. Its estimated that the course which winds along the Susquahanna river on the official Mason & Dixon trail, has over 15,000 ft of climbing.Ê Runners make their way using only the trails blazes , maps and a very few reflective ribbons during the final 10 miles. 

2009 reports: Brett Pflieger (pdf) Jaret Seiberg

2009 photos: Paul Melzer

2008 Finishers

1. Brett Pfleiger 14:18 (new fastest time)
1. John Sporer 14:18 (new fastest time)
3. Jen Erickson 17:20

Held June 21, 2008. There were eight starters and three finishers.

2008 reports: Jen Erickson (pdf)Howard White | Nate Regouski

2008 photos: Hunt's 2008 photos | Dover Boys photos

2007 Finishers

1. Jaret Seiberg 15:00ish
1. Kerry Owens 15:00ish
3. Jenn Van Allen 17:00ish
3. Margie Hughes 17:00ish

Held June 23, 2007. Six starters. Four finishers, two of whom finished approximately right at sunset

2007 reportJaret Seiberg

2006 scouting reports/photosHunt's report | Photos

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