Michael J. Clarkson, Jr.

Everywhere you turn these days someone is getting infected with the latest computer virus, getting bombarded with spam, or getting blasted with adware. Taking your system to the shop can cost you a fortune with some shops charging up to $90 per hour and you don't alway get a repaired computer in return.  Often whatever plagues your computer is still hiding in the wings and the tech just covered it up long enough to get it out the door. You get it home and it is slower than ever and soon the popups return with a vengance.  Worse than that, many technicians will wipe your data simply because it is eaiser than hunting down and killing the infection.  It is like getting a cough and having the doctor do a lung transplant.

I have been working with computers for 18 years now and removing viruses and malware from the beginning. It is rare to find an infection I cannot kill. When you have tried the rest and are about to give up, call me first.  I can clean you system and have it running better than new.  Most systems can be fixed with my $70 flat rate cleaning. 

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Cell: 361.876.0768