Be a Part of the McKinney ISD Aviation Academy

The MISD Aviation Academy has been created to guide secondary students towards certifications, higher education degrees and practical experience in the aviation industry. If you are interested in learning about the aviation industry, the Aviation Academy is for you!

    There are many career options in the Aviation Industry; Transportation professionals to Logistics professionals, Manufacturing to Service and Repair, Business Ownership to Government Policy makers, Professional Pilots to Hospitality Professionals, Engineers to Security professionals, Air Traffic Controllers to Baggage handlers. Every day millions of people rely on the expertise of aviation industry professionals for their personal safety, package delivery, business transportation, and the like. Disruptions in this industry do not go unnoticed by the general public so the ability to adhere to procedures and safety guidelines are paramount to success in the MISD Aviation Academy.

    Application to the Aviation Academy is offered to McKinney ISD Sophomore through Senior students after they successfully complete the Introduction to Aviation Industry course. Acceptance is based upon the completion of the application in a timely manner and observations/recommendations by the instructors during the Introduction to Aviation course.

    It is our sincere desire to include you in this unique opportunity and help you succeed in the area of aviation that is of most interest to you. If you would like to become a member of an elite group of high school students, dedicated to learning about and becoming actively involved in the aviation industry, contact one of the leaders listed in the leadership directory.

Student Quotes:

We have the best instructors... they make it fun to learn. 

I got my student pilot certificate... I think everyone should.

...being able to use the simulators on Flydays (Fridays) is really cool. We can take what we've learned in class and practice it.

Flying over the stadium during homecoming reinforced my desire to become a professional pilot. Being involved with this program I am on my way! 

I plan to become a pilot. The aviation program has helped my understand what it takes and what a great career I have to look forward to.

I like designing aircraft... knowing how a real plane works really helps.