Teams website or webpages are attached in the titles if they have one.


Color Guard

This unit is composed of 4 or 5 patriotic cadets (JROTC students), that participates in drill competitions during the school year along with the Drill team and the Unarmed exhibition. This ceremonial unit presents the colors at numerous events throughout the year such as parades and school assemblies.


The premiere national high school cyber defense competition. A online computer based cyber defense team composed of 2 to 5 primary and up to 5 alternate students. Created by the Air Force Association, devoted to cyber security. Although this team is not as active as the Raider's team, it is open to both JROTC and regular school students. The Cyberpatriot is devoted to cyber security and computers.

Drill Team

The McKinley High School Drill Team is a team of cadets performing precision armed exhibition drill using mock rifles. McKinley's Armed X team placed First in the nation last year and is looking for recruits to join this nationally recognized team.

Unarmed Exhibition (Fancies)

Group of Cadets who display their creative skills in a 4-5 minute routine of synchronized marching using a practiced routine as a guide.

Raiders (Rangers)

The Raider's team is a physically active team for cadets who enjoy working out and conducting outdoor physical activity. Events include running, constructing rope bridges, swimming, rappelling, canoeing, and negotiating a team through obstacle courses. The Raider's participate in competitions throughout the school year; some are over night and last between 1 to 3 days.