Helping Our School Into the Future, Collaboratively: Together

To become involved in the development of this Master plan
, please contact
Patricia McFadden - McKinley Elementary School's 2011/12 PTA President

The purpose of this set of wiki documents, is to collaborate across all stakeholders and work together to develop a strategic master plan for McKinley Elementary School to help take us from good to great in the near, middle and long range. 

This is not a static location.  In fact, change is built into the design of this project to a) bring everyone to the same page and b) focus our energies toward mutually-defined, positive goals.

Together, we can contribute across the boundaries toward building an ongoing strategic approach to what we do as a school, to get every one rowing in the same boat in the same direction, and periodically check to make sure our compass is set properly.

Please Join us in this work in progress!

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Aaron Define Project January 29, 2010  
Aaron Hold Brainstorming Session With Team January 29, 2010  
Aaron Define Budget February 12, 2010  
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