Over the last few months I have noticed, in several magazine and newspaper articles, references to MOOCs - Massive open online courses.
According to Andrew Ng, co-founder with Daphne Koller of Coursera, MOOCs are 'growing faster than Facebook'.
A MOOC is free, online and open to anyone anywhere at any time. Assignments and formal accreditation are an optional extra. More here (8 minutes).
I have identified an opportunity to make interesting and innovative use of the potential to develop an elementary English language programme for non-native speakers of English who are living and working in the north of Ireland. I am particularly interested in how the principles of Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pingeur's business model generation can help to provide revenue streams through the application of a freemium model. This can fit elegantly with the University of Ulster's widening access agenda.
This could usefully involve cooperation with Brian Mulligan of Sligo, whom I met when I made a presentation at the first conference of ILTA a decade ago. (Because of the Sligo-Cavan link, it may be possible to develop the involvement of CITC?)
This site is work in progress as I record the various items – written and video – that are contributing to my thinking on this.