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Updated 10/30/08

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 Basic info : helpful lab stuff

  • Amino-acid info: the building blocks of proteins
  • Codon Usage database: Make that mutation safely
  • ExPaSy: Proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Protein sequence / structure analysis
  • FunSpec: Web-based cluster-interpreter for yeast microarrays. Input a list of yeast gene names, and output a summary of functional classes, cellular localizations, protein complexes, etc. that are enriched in the list.  
  • LabVelocity: "provider of information technology services to the global life science market" apparently 
  • OpenWetWare: To promote the sharing of information and  know-how among researchers and groups working in biology & biological engineering. See also the Keogh Page.
  • Periodic Table: WebElements
  • REBase: Restriction enzyme database (NEB)
  • RE-guide: Restriction enzyme info (Promega)
  • SGD: Saccharomyces Genome Database 



  • Baetz Lab (Ottawa): Chromosome stability in S.cerevisiae
  • Schmidt lab (AECOM): Proteasome function in S.cerevisiae
  • Wade Lab (Albany): Transcription in E.coli

Grant info 

Lab Supplies

  • BestLabDeals: New, used and clearance lab equipment
  • LabX: Bid on used equipment



(2005 Impact Factor)

Cell (29.4)

EMBO J (10.1)

Euk Cell (4.3)

Genes Dev (15.6)

Genetics (4.3)

JBC (5.9)

Mol Cell (15.0)

Mol Cell Biol (7.1)

Nature (29.3)

PLOS Biol (14.7)

PNAS (10.2)

Science (30.9)