Additional Stuff

(Being info that wouldn't fit in the 100 file limit)





  • Chromatin, making: A collection of multiple protocols and a work in progress. #I. Expression and purification of recombinant S.cerevisiae H2A, H2A.Z and H2B. EDIT 7/31/06.
  • Immunoprecipitations: A standard protocol for immunoprecipitating from yeast WCEs. Includes information on antibodies used in the lab for this purpose and the binding characteristics of proteins A and G. IPs are used to concentrate factors for the identification of associated factors or downstream enzymatic reactions. To the latter end a sample protocol for the analysis of CDK (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase) activity is also described. EDIT 9/9/06.
  • Kinase assay: As used to assay the activity of an immunoprecipitated CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) from yeast WCEs. EDIT 9/9/06.
  • RNA (misc): Protocols for preparing nuclease-free (DEPC-treated) reagents, isolating RNA from yeast (see also below), gel resolution (Agarose and PAGE), transfer to membranes (pressure and electrophoretic), Northern blotting, probe preparation (and size-exclusion chromatography for removing free nucleotide), and general info on working with this labile molecule. NEW 7/24/06.


19.    Fillingham J, Keogh M-C & Krogan NJ (2006) gammaH2AX and its role in DNA double-strand break repair. Biochem Cell Biol  84:559-68. <PDF>