About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team of students who love to hear and share stories. 
Our mission is to inspire curiosity and awareness about the McKenzie River, which is the sole water source for the greater Eugene area. We are committed to sharing these stories through innovative and interactive mediums, as well as through community engagement and events. 

Our community partners are the driving force behind the River Stories project. With their donation of time, money and expertise we were able to forge bonds with the McKenzie community and succeed in our goal of meeting a community need to connect the greater Eugene area to their sole water source, the McKenzie River. Our special thanks goes out to Randy Dersham with the McKenzie River Drift Boat MuseumLane County Historical Museum, the McKenzie River Trust, and the Emerald Photographic Society.
Who we are: As part of the University of Oregon's Environmental Leadership Program, the River Stories team applies our experience, knowledge, and passion to collecting and showcasing stories about the McKenzie River. We acknowledge the multiplicity of stories from many different cultures, time periods, and histories, and strive to continuously learn about the McKenzie River Valley through listening to this diversity of experiences.

 Pictured Here (Left to Right): Kaley, Randy Dersham of McKenzie River Drift Boat Museum, 
Shahnaz, Forrest, Jordan, Katie, Kathryn, Sierra, Paige, Aylie

Through the use of audio recording, photography, and video, we thoughtfully and ethically create media that invites and inspires our audience to connect to the McKenzie River. Through the River Stories Project, we have had the honor of experiencing the beauty of the McKenzie River through the eyes of the people who drink, fish, boat, and swim in its waters.