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Marion - Fenton, MI

I found the plan for my home in The Flint Journal. I put it in plastic and carried it around, showing it to friends. "Nice house," they’d say. "Where is it?" I had no answer, except to say that it’s out there and I was looking for a builder.

A friend introduced me to Randy McIvor and my dream home began to manifest. Oh, yes, I had plenty of naysayers who loved to tell me of their nightmarish experiences with builders. I refused to listen to them, knowing that my experience with Randy was going to be great.

And it was!

Randy and his very capable and experienced crew were focused on building my house to meet every expectation I had. A very trusting working relationship evolved. Randy was totally involved from the beginning, checking out the parcel of property I was considering to determine if it was "do-able" for my house. He even checked with the assessor’s office for more details on the property. With blueprints under his arm, Randy accompanied me to meet with the various subcontractors and make all the selections of plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, windows, doors, hardware, kitchen/bathroom design. I truly appreciated his expertise and knowledge.

Randy was on-the-job every day during construction, making sure that all the work was measuring up to his high expectation of quality and perfection. One of the subcontractors casually mentioned to me that they knew they’d better do the job right the first time because Randy would have them back until it was done to his satisfaction. His work ethic and penchant for quality workmanship were highly respected in the building trades community.

Randy was a taskmaster for detail. During the quiet of the early morning, he would walk the sub floor, hammer and nails in hand, listening for squeaks where the automatic nailer might have skipped . The site was always left clean – no McDonald’s wrappers or pop cans. Randy would clean sweep the construction site often, making sure that no debris would be left to be covered up with the drywall. I know the inside of the walls is clean!

Randy was always available to answer my numerous questions. He and his crew used their experience and knowledge to make alterations to improve the plan, always in consultation with me. We worked together very well.

I’ve told Randy that he could use my home as a "model" to show the high quality of his work. And, when I hear that someone is looking for a builder, I highly recommend Randy McIvor.