About Us

McIvor Building Company

McIvor Building Company was founded in 1990.  This company, which has its roots steeped in rough carpentry, has since expanded its expertise to include all realms of carpentry and building.   McIvor Building Company has an established reputation for quality work in rough and finish carpentry, as well as complete home building and remodelling.  

McIvor Building Company has a reputation for excellence in tradesmanship in large-scale custom residential housing (10,000-25,000 sq. ft.).  They are well known for their work as a sub-contractor for carpentry work consisting of rough framing, custom interior trim, custom exterior siding and trim.  In addition, they also take on new build construction projects from start to finish in residential and commercial.

While custom homes have become their niche-market, they also enjoy a vast variety of building challenges.  These projects include remodelling, cottage renovation, MDOT non-motorized bridge construction, concrete work, pole buildings, pavilions, gazebos and many other interesting projects.

It is the people of McIvor Building Company that have created its impressive reputation.  The crew of McIvor Building Company is an experienced team of individuals.  With employees that have over 15 years of experience with the company, this is a dedicated team with a proven track record for excellence and workmanship.

McIvor Building Company has the man-power, equipment and experience to complete any of your building projects.

Randy McIvor, Owner

Randy McIvor has been around building construction, both residential-commercial and light industrial, for over 30 years.  He has been interested in the construction trades since high school.  Upon high school graduation, he completed an apprenticeship working with carpentry crews, concrete crews, landscape crews, highway contractors, excavating contractors and demolition crews.  All of this job experience has given him an unsurpassed knowedge of the building trades.  It is this experience that has provides him the skills required to make him a successful business owner in the construction industry.

Randy is a focused business owner who takes pride in having an experienced crew that has worked with him for over 15 years.  He exhibits an exceptional level of dedication to both his employees and his customers.  His attention to detail and ability to determine what is required to take a job to the next level are what sets him apart from other builders.

A licensed builder, Randy enjoys the challenges of maintaining a business in the construction industry that has always been a step above the rest.  He is actively participates in training seminars and trade-shows to ensure he is up to date on the latest trends and technical innovations.  He stays current with the latest building requirements and maintains an extensive network of colleagues through the construction industry.  Most recently, Randy is pursuing a degree in applied technology and green building.