Instructional Technology trainings vary from distance education certification trainings to Flex week offerings. Please review the Moorpark College Training Requirements.

Desire2Learn Certification Training

This workshop will provide an in-depth training on the tools and features of the
Desire2Learn Learning Management System.

Online Pedagogy

Introduces best practices and special considerations for online pedagogy. Must complete
this workshop or equivalent prior to teaching an Online or Hybrid course. 

MyVCCCD Course Studio

Course Studio is a tool available by default through MyVCCCD. Each course that is NOT
using the Desire2Learn Learning Management System has a Course Home Page that can
be managed by the instructor. This optional training will discuss the benefits and
limitations of the Course Studio applications.

    Accessibility Online

    All online courses are required to be accessible under the American Disabilities Act. Also, materials you post online      
    for your course in Course Studio or on the college websites must be accessible. Learn how to make digital documents   
    and other content accessible. 

Ashley AR Chelonis,
May 8, 2012, 2:45 PM