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Next Revised Basic course workshop-2018 

Sept, 2018 : RBCW

Sept. 2018: ATCOM

Applications will open in July, 2018

The list of colleges allocated for basic course and advanced course section are attached.

6th Advance course will be held in Sept 25-Ist 0ct, 2018 (tentative schedule). 

For advance course website click here 
Important information
Participants in MCI Faculty development workshops are to be considered to be on MCI duty and exempt from personal appearance during MCI assessments as per MCI letter. For more details see attached letter below in attachments.
Basic course workshop website is as below:
Information and details of MCI Basic course workshop 

The faculty belongings to colleges allocated as list attached below should only apply.
A mere letter from Principal/Dean nominating names of faculty will not lead to registration or confirmation of a place in advance course.  The registration form of applicant should be duly nominated by Principal/Dean and must accompany DD of Rs 2.,000/-. Applications without DDs will not be entertained and no communication will be sent regarding that. 
  • The basic workshop will start at 8.30 a.m. sharp on day 1. Lunch and tea will be provided on all days. As per instructions received from Medical Council of India, certificate of participation is to be awarded to only those participants who participate full time.

    For hotel accommodation (if you need), please call hotel Classic, Brown Road, Ludhiana at No. 0161-5082146 & 2710239. You can book the hotel at discounted rates giving reference of CMC Ludhiana. You have to pay directly to the hotel at check out. The hotel is very near to the venue as well as railway station. You have to arrange for breakfast and dinner yourself.

    The further correspondence will be made through email only. Hence make sure that you check your email frequently. Also check our website frequently for upcoming instructions, schedule etc.

  • Venue: Health Science Block, 4th floor, CMC, Ludhiana-141008

  • The map and directions to the hotel and venue are attached, please take a printout.

The Executive Committee of MCI in its meeting held on 18-02-2014, endorsing the recommendation of the Academic Council meeting held on 20th January, 2014 decided as under:

 Training in Basic Course Workshop in MET would be compulsory for faculty of all the medical colleges at all levels including Professors and teacher administrators.

 The above decision of the Executive Committee of MCI has been communicated to all principals/MEU coordinators for its strict implementation as desired by MCI.

Institutes who are planning to conduct basic workshop should submit the letter from the Principal as attached in the format below.

Recent updates:

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Useful information

Basic workshop

The course follows the curriculum approved by Medical Council of India. Certificate of participation is issued to full time participants only. 

No refund of registration fee for selected faculty possible, whatsoever may be the reason. Details on registration form.

The course follows the curriculum approved by Medical Council of India. Certificate of participation is issued to full time participants only. The members of the Academic Cell(MCI)  decided that the “Certificate of Participation should be given by the Regional convenors to only those participants who have attended all sessions throughout the Workshop and the Deans of the colleges would be informed of the same." The full time participation is mandatory on all the 3 days,

 For queries on advance course in CMC and permission to conduct basic course in your institute contact:

1.Dr. Tejinder Singh, Convener, Professor of Pediatrics, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana 141008                                             Tel 9815400048 

2. Dr. Dinesh Badyal, Co-convener & Incharge ACME, Professor and Head of Pharmacology, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, 141008 cmcl.faimer2@gmail.com   Tel 9815333776

 For queries on participating in basic course and orientation course being conducted in CMC, Ludhiana contact:

 1.Dr. Tejinder Singh, Convener, Professor of Pediatrics, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana 141008                                             Tel 9815400048

2. Dr. Gagandeep Kwatra, co-convener & Incharge rBCW, Professor, Pharmacology, CMC, Ludhiana 141008      cmcl.mcinodal2@gmail.com              Tel 9815588600


Registration form (attached) should be sent through Principal only. Direct mailings will be returned to sender by ordinary post.

Full time participation is a must to get the certificate.

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