2020 Housing Roundtable

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January 4, 2019

Dear Housing Advocates, Providers and Agency leaders:

Memphis Center for Independent Living (MCIL) requests your participation in a focus and networking meeting on February 20st at 2:00 pm at Clark Tower. Memphis 3.0 was a great step into the future but what is happening right now? The population of our city has a very high percentage of residents with low and very low incomes and visible and invisible disabilities.

Services are scattered and often one provider has no idea what the other agencies are doing. If the housing team of 3.0 saw anything it was disconnects, confusion and frustration faced by the agencies trying to make a difference. MCIL wants to make a start in reconnecting, networking and sharing information regarding current housing options in our city. Each participant is asked to give a 5 minute overview of your offerings, handouts regarding qualifications, and applications if the program has openings.

HOUSING 2020 Roundtable

5100 Poplar Avenue, 8th Floor conference

Wednesday, February 20

2:00 – 3:30

Please make plans to attend this roundtable effort or send a representative who can inform the gathering of the services you provide and any immediate new plans for affordable, accessible, integrated housing or maintaining current housing for changing needs.

Most of us have limited networking time; this is an opportunity to hopefully reach many of the agencies who make housing referrals daily and need to know about corrections, additions and qualifications. Thanks for your participation and all the great things you are doing to make Memphis a more inclusive community. Please join this group to share those things with your partners.


Sandi Klink

Executive Director