Monitoring Review

Dear Shaquita:

To make this complete monitoring review simple, I linked the documents and files you have asked for in this document. Please note that some information may be private and should not be shared outside your review. Your request in on the left and the linked documents in the right side column.

This web page has the documents named starting with 01 in the title and the following link is a list of all of the documents:

Home Mod Review.

Review Requests


Audit Financial Statement- Most recent A-133—need letter stating MCIL hardship inability to make contractor payment prior to reimbursement for the City.

MCIL Letter on Funds Allocation:

01 MCIL Coverage July 2017.pdf

Certificate of Liability Insurance- Current Policy ----copy provided expired on 10/11/16 (need copy of renewed policy)

Current Certificate of Liability Insurance:

02 COI.pdf

Compliance Report – this report should include but not limited to client’s name, address, gender of head of household, household size, race, and income

Updated Compliance Report with a new section with all the requested information taken from the application:

03 Compliance 2017.pdf

Contract Agreement between MCIL and Homeowners-3694 Canary appears to be signed by the owner’s son. All agrees must be signed by the legal owner of the property unless it is accommodated with Power of Attorney.

I have included the POA document from Jeffrey Covington:

04 CovingtonPOA.pdf

Contract agreements

836 N. Bellevue:

05 bidproposal.pdf

3146 Debby:

06 bidproposal.pdf

5064 Newton:

07 bidproposal.pdf

3694 Canary Cove:

08 bidproposal.pdf

Contract Agreement between MCIL and Contractors-was not provided.

Contractors provide MCIL with a Bid Proposal based on the Work Plan of each project that constitutes a contract agreement:

3146 Debby ST:

09 Work plan.pdf

5064 Newton:

10 Work plan.pdf

3694 Canary Cove:

11 Work plan.pdf

836 N. Bellevue:

12 Work plan.pdf

Notice to Proceed from MCIL to Contractor-was not provided

Notice to proceed was through direct contact with the contractors.

Approval or Denial Letters for homeowners-was not provided

The MCIL Minor home Modification Bid Proposal above acts as an approval letter to homeowners and is signed by the homeowner. It includes a paragraph on accepting the proposal.

Proof of current city and county taxes- 3694 Canary 2016 City Taxes are delinquent; for each applicant

MCIL verified city and county taxes for each project. The tax record search also verifies home ownership.

Although the 3694 Canary Project and other projects show a balance due or back payments due to both city and county the tax records of both the city and county show that the taxes have been paid and would not make them ineligible for the Minor Home Modification program.

3146 Debby ST:

13 tax.pdf

836 N. Bellevue:

14 tax.pdf

5064 Newton:

15 tax.pdf

3694 Canary Cove: City

16 City tax.pdf


17 County Tax.pdf

Proof of Applicant’s Eligibility-proof of household income for each applicant

5064 Newton:

18 income.pdf

836 N Bellevue:

19 income.pdf

3146 Debby ST:

20 income.pdf

3694 Canary CV:

21 income.pdf

Proof of age and/or disability-needed for each applicant

5064 Newton: Rytha Brown is 73 years old, uses a wheelchair and recieves home and community based care due to her disability:

22 Rytha Brown.pdf

836 N Bellevue: Rita Townsend is 66 and uses a walker, she is a beneficiary of Social Securtiy Disability:

23 Rita Townsend.pdf

3146 Debby ST: Ms. Dollie Gray is 74 years old and a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair.

24 Dollie Gray.pdf

3694 Canary CV: Ms. Betty Covington is 72 years old and a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair. she is a beneficiary of Social Securtiy Disability:

25 Betty Covington.pdf

Contractor Bid documents; bid analysis-provide Bid documentation for the selection process

The selected bid is on the top.

5064 Newton:

26 Bid.pdf

836 N Bellevue:

27 bid.pdf

3146 Debby ST:

28 bid.pdf

3694 Canary CV:

29 bid.pdf

Verification of contractor eligibility/Licensing State of Tennessee -need copy for each contractor that performed work.

5064 Newton: Jay- C Construction

30 license.pdf

836 N Bellevue: Patterson Construction of Tennessee

31 license.pdf

3146 Debby ST: A-Z Improvements

32 license.pdf

3694 Canary CV: FC Contractors

33 license.pdf

Building code compliance permits and inspections- yes or no


Contractor’s lien releases if applicable- yes or no


Certificate of One Year Warranty for Contractor to homeowners (approved for FC Contractors LLC) provide warranties all contractors that performed jobs on this project

5064 Newton:

34 Warranty.pdf

836 N Bellevue:

35 Warranty.pdf

3146 Debby ST:

36 Warranty.pdf

3694 Canary CV:

37 Warranty.pdf

Initial Cost Estimates- was not included

No estimates are made. Initial Cost Estimates are not included because MCIL is required to get a solid bid and does not pay any additional costs.

List of Contractors-evidence of debarment

No evidence of debarment


ELS Construction: Eddie Starks 901-870-2908

C Foster Construction: Carlo Foster 901-218-7702

Brandon Construction: Sheree Woodward 901-229-8311

Jay-C Construction: Juanita Cross 901-833-4054

FC Contractors: Felicia Smith 901-258-6296

A-Z Improvements: Tijuana Stewart 901-338-2729

Patterson Construction of TN: Tommie Patterson 901-775-1971

Building permits if applicable yes or no


Notice of Completion –was not provided

As instructed by HCD, the invoice acts as a Notice of Completion and triggers a final inspection.

5064 Newton:

38 Notice.pdf

836 N Bellevue:

39 Notice.pdf

3146 Debby ST:

40 Notice.pdf

3694 Canary CV:

41 Notice.pdf

Mechanic’s Liens if applicable yes or no


Memo of satisfaction from each homeowner-was not provided

Ms. Covington has been ill since the construction; however, her son reports that the bathroom modifications have allowed his mother to get into the bathroom with her wheelchair.

Ms. Gray says: “Everything is fine with my ramp; I can get to where I need to go. I am so pleased it is working beautifully.”

Ms. Townsend said she is able to get out and get some exercise with her ramp. When asked about the widened door to her bath said: “I love it.” She uses the grab bar in her tub and wishes it would wrap all the way around.

Ms. Brown and her family find the modifications to be effective, but they would like the threshold to work for the lift that the home care workers use. The City inspector has some ideas that he has passed on to MCIL that may additionally accommodate the needs of Ms. Brown.

Lead Hazards notification if applicable yes or no

Each applicant is given the lead hazard notification

5064 Newton:

42 Lead.pdf

836 N Bellevue:

43 Lead.pdf

3146 Debby ST:

44 Lead.pdf

3694 Canary CV:

45  Lead.pdf

Relocations notification if applicable yes or no


Employment Training- Staff most recent (limit to 2 employees)-was not provided

No training necessary

Section 3-Documentation of actions undertaken to meet the requirements Section 3-was not provided

All the contractors were provided with Section 3 information and the forms to give qualifying workers. One of the Contractors is Section 3 certified and on the City’s list.

MCIL also provided the Section 3 information as well as other compliance information on our website: