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Drama is possibly one of the most misunderstood of the Arts disciplines in High Schools today. When asked what a Drama class entails, one often hears answers of "Being a tree," "Playing games," or the ever-popular "It's a bird course." Other people feel that if you're not a naturally gifted performer, or if you're shy, you won't do well in Drama. 

These could not be further from the truth. 

There are many important skills that students of all academic and personal stripes can take from a Drama class. Indeed, while the material we cover is, of course, of a dramatic nature, the skills that students will develop transcend the stage. 

Students who take drama can expect to:
  • problem solve, by negotiating and collaborating on a daily basis
  • think creatively, by creating original works, both in written form and on their feet
  • think critically, by reviewing, critiquing and analysing performances, both in and out of the classroom
  • develop language and literacy skills, by reading and writing stories, scripts, reviews, critiques, logs, journals and reports
  • gain self-confidence, by performing in front of and with their peers, and by receiving and giving positive and constructive feedback to their peers as well as themselves
  • understand the world around them, by learning about a variety of cultures and issues through the works they create and produce
These are all high-demand post-secondary workplace skills, no matter what the field of interest a student chooses to pursue after they leave Middlefield. Drama is a practical means to develop many important traits and life skills. 

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