Newton's Laws

First, let's check out what you need to know and be able to do after we get through all of our Newton's Laws goodness:  

1. So you think you know Newton's Laws of Motion, huh?  Let's see if you can state what all three of them are with your team without looking any of them up!  

2. Now, remind each other what force, mass, and acceleration are--and give an example of each.

3. Check out this very cool movie about Newton's Laws with Tim & Moby!  

4. Care to revise what your team thinks Newton's Laws are?  Do that, and then have everyone write them down in their own Google Doc in a 2-column table that looks like this:

1st law
2nd law
3rd law

In the second column, write what it is in your own words.  In the third column, give a real-life example that was NOT in the video.

5. Now check out the video below:

6. Fix anything in your Google Doc that needs fixing.  Remember, your real-life examples need to be your own!

7. Go grab a whiteboard, marker, and eraser--it's drawing time, kiddos!  In your groups, draw each one of Newton's Laws--NO WORDS ALLOWED.  Mrs. E will be a-wandering to take sneaky peeks at your drawings.

8. Go take the Pre-Assessment for Newton's Laws in Juno.

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